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We specialize in professional baby pictures at our studios not far from Tysons Corner, VA. However, we know how challenging it can be, especially for a new mom, to find the time to exercise! Transitioning to your new role will likely mean some juggling of schedules, but it doesn’t have to mean giving up on fitness.

1. Exercise Apps & Streaming Services: Throw away those old Jane Fonda videos. Today’s mom can enjoy the ease and convenience of exercise apps and streaming services. There are fitness trackers, apps, and now streaming services to help you remain accountable, encourage you, and track everything from your calories to your weight.

2. Classes: Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s a lot more fun to exercise in a group. Plus, it gets you out of the house. Finding a mommy and baby class can make it much easier to exercise! A Washington Post article discusses fitness classes and ideas for moms looking to exercise with a baby in tow. Check out FIT4MOM, too.

3. Walking: It’s cheap (free, really) and it works with any schedule (meaning any time). It’s walking. Put baby in a stroller or jogging stroller, strap on your sneakers, and head out the door. If it’s too cold, you can head to your indoor mall. Tysons Galleria allows exercise walkers during regular business hours, but some malls open their doors earlier for walkers, although stores remain closed until regular opening hours.

4. Hit the Trails: We’re fortunate in Virginia to have lots of beautiful parks and trails. Grab a walking buddy and head to a stroller-friendly trail. And, as proponents of baby photography, grab your camera or smartphone and take some pictures while out on the trail!

5. Phone a Friend: Connect with other mothers and agree on a set day and time of the week to walk or exercise together. In good weather, head to a walking trail

6. Water Exercises: Do you have a pool or access to one? Here are some exercises you can do even with your baby or children around.

7. Home Exercises: You don’t have to head anywhere to get fit at home using your own body weight. There are plenty of ideas on the Internet offering easy to do exercises including baby. You can also check out the many YouTube videos and take advantage of baby’s naptime or evening hours to get fit. Oh, and don’t forget that cleaning your house can burn a lot of calories. Do a few squats and sit-ups as you go along!

Given the natural beauty of the Tysons Corner, VA area, don’t forget to grab your camera and take some memorable mom and baby pictures! You can even create an album that you’ll treasure together as your child grows!


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