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Our treasured baby photography in the McLean, VA area means we have the opportunity to talk about babies! How delightful is that?! Today’s blog post focuses on tips for how to travel with a baby. Traveling with a child is never easy, but it’s not so daunting that you should stay home!

If you’re the parent of a newborn, you will probably want to avoid unnecessary travel the first several months of the baby’s life. Besides the heaps of items needed for traveling with a baby, there’s also the idea of exposure to icky germs. Most pediatricians recommend waiting about three months before you head out on your first big journey with your baby. When you do head out, here are some tips to make things go a little smoother. (The key is to anticipate, plan, and then pack accordingly!)

* Health summary: Put together a health summary of your child including names and phone numbers of health care providers, vaccinations, and medicines. (Whether you travel or not, it’s always a good idea to have this sort of information handy.)

* Medicines: Bring all medicines, as well as a list of the medications including dosages. Keep that list separate from the medicines, just in case. Be certain you have enough medicine to get through your vacation or be prepared to refill while on your trip. Always keep any medicine with you rather than in checked luggage.

* First aid kits: To avoid any middle-of-the-night trips to a 24-hour pharmacy in a strange city, bring a first aid kit filled with over-the-counter medicines and equipment a child might need such as pediatric cough syrup, nasal syringe, thermometer, pediatric Tylenol or Aleve, band aids, and such.

* Pack well: If you’re heading to the beach or plan on being outdoors in the sun quite a bit, pack accordingly and include hats and sunscreen for the entire family. Discuss with your pediatrician at what age you can safely apply sunscreen to children. Don’t forget snacks, formula, and any food favorites that are non-perishable. (We suggest bringing enough to get you through the first two days, after which you can shop locally.) Don’t forget to carry more snacks and diapers than you think you’ll need for a flight. A two-hour flight can turn into a five-hour journey with delays!

* Toys: It is important to keep the baby and young children entertained throughout the voyage, both for their sake and yours! We suggest packing several new toys to capture the baby’s or child’s interest. You can bring a few favorites, but be careful not to leave a favorite teddy bear behind! You might not get him back.

* Camera: Of course, as a children’s and newborn photographer, we’d tell you not to forget your camera or smartphone with a built-in camera and video!

With almost two decades of family, children’s and baby photography in the McLean, VA area, we look forward to hearing about your family vacation! We also look forward to capturing beautiful memories through our fine art baby photography.


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