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This past May, Healthline posted their picks for best pregnancy blogs of 2016. We love their list and want to share it with you. As a portrait photography studio in Dulles, VA working with families and pregnant clients, we wanted to give them a shout-out here. Blogging isn’t just a great way for a busy business to stay in touch with clients, it’s an excellent way to provide valuable information to readers!

Some of our most engaging conversations tend to happen during our sessions as a maternity photographer. Pregnant women in their later months are often done with nesting, finished decorating the nursery, and are thinking a lot about how their lives are going to change with motherhood! There’s plenty of bonding during these maternity photography sessions.

But back to blogging! Below, we summarize a few of the blogs from the ones featured on All of the 2016 picks are terrific, so it was tough for us to pick just a few to highlight here. We encourage you to visit the Healthline website see all of their 2016 picks.

Note: We also need to give them credit because we used excerpts of their detailed blog descriptions.

Alpha Mom
Their pregnancy section features an array of helpful tips, advice for women who have had “surprise” pregnancies, information on trends like hot yoga and whether or not they are safe, and product reviews.

Bellyitch is like the People magazine of pregnancy blogs. You’ll find celebrity news and fashion, personal stories, and tips and tricks for new and expecting parents. There’s a mixture of content, giveaways, and product reviews. It’s got just the right amount of useful information, mixed with tantalizing celebrity gossip.

Birth Without Fear
Giving birth can be a time for anxieties, worry, and yes, even fear. But it doesn’t have to be. January Harshe is the woman behind Birth Without Fear, and as a mother of six children, she knows a few things about childbearing. You’ll find personal narratives, including inspiring birth stories that touch your heart.

But keeping Mom healthy during pregnancy is not effortless work, and that’s where FitPregnancy can help. From the right foods to the best exercises and activities, this blog is all things healthy. We particularly like the interactive slider that allows you to select where in your pregnancy you are and view articles specific to your baby’s and body’s progression.

Imperfect Parent
Tired of trying to live up to ridiculous expectations of great parenting? Imperfect Parent speaks to people who know they make mistakes, embrace those mistakes, and love a good laugh. It was started in 2002 when the founders realized how many parenting blogs and websites were regurgitating much of the same information. They sought to provide something different: real life accounts and advice from imperfect parents.

Project Nursery
Nesting: the act of preparing your home for a new baby. It’s something all new parents do, and something Project Nursery can help with. If you’re looking to create a perfect room for baby or even a perfect crib, this blog has pages and pages of inspiration, photos, and DIY projects. There are also numerous giveaways and product reviews.

We hope you enjoyed some of those blogs! We know we did! Our Dulles, VA portrait photography studio has allowed us the opportunity to create this blog as well. While our studio has allowed us the opportunity to work with some fabulous clients each day, our blog has allowed us to stay connected to them! If you, too, have a blog, send us a link! We’d love to stay in touch with you through your blog.


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