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As Northern Virginia photographers near Brambleton, VA and Broadlands, VA, we often talk about the importance of creating a photographic legacy of family. It is possible to combine your snapshots as well as professional portraiture to craft that legacy – sort of a photographic journal.

The snapshots you take of your children and family help fill its pages. Your professional portraits, on the other hand, represent the chapters of the journal. You can have one without the other, but together they document your life more thoroughly and richly. Together, they literally construct and document the bigger picture of your life story, your family’s story.

We recently came across an interesting article by Darlene Hildebrandt offering insight and tips to creating a photographic legacy. It’s good reminder of the role photography – both professional and amateur – can play in our lives. We have summarized its suggestions below for you. However, we strongly recommend clicking on the link to read Darlene’s full article!

• Documentary means you capture it naturally in the subject’s environment.
For family snapshots which can be a great way to document your family’s home life, just keep your camera charged and handy at all times. Whip it out for any particularly poignant moments.

• Capture the person’s essence – their real personality.
As professional photographers, this is our goal for each portrait session, especially baby pictures! We want to reflect the subject’s true character and personality in the portrait so that years from now, it will serve as a terrific legacy to who they were.

• Remember to capture the details and scene setters.
This can be rather subjective but one example is the beloved teddy bear included in a toddler’s picture; the shiny new wedding ring on a bride’s finger in a wedding picture; or the tear streaming down a grandmother’s face.

• Think big picture.
Take shots for the background of a collage or potential photobook or album. Knowing what your plans are for a photo or portrait can make a difference in its staging. Snapshots are just that – something snapped quickly and easily for any number of purposes. Take them at a baby shower and you can create a photo book as a gift. A portrait, on the other hand, has a bigger purpose and, usually, destination. As family photographers, we compose and stage it so that it’s a piece of art to display in your home for generations.

• Not every photo needs to show their face.
This is a powerful technique. Some of the most poignant or memorable portraits don’t show the subject’s face. Think of the iconic photograph of the soldiers raising the flag at Iwo Jima. Although shot in silhouette, it’s no less powerful.

• Create a story with images. Leave a legacy.
We can’t repeat this one enough. Images and pictures tell a story. You can tell your story for the generations not yet born by taking your daily snapshots and, more importantly, by doing professional portraits. The portraits, unlike the snapshots, will be professionally printed on museum-quality medium rated to last 150 to 200 years, a true family heirloom.

• Create memories.
Capture your memories in portraiture so that you can share your story well into the future through the portraits.

We are Northern Virginia photographers focused on helping our clients throughout Northern Virginia, including Brambleton, VA and Broadlands, VA and surrounding communities. We want to help you document your family’s legacy through professional portraits.


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