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As newborn photography experts here in the South Riding, VA area, we’ve worked with our share of fussy babies. That is no surprise, of course! What newborn or baby isn’t fussy at some point?! Through the years, though, we’ve learned a few things about soothing a fussy baby. So, we thought we’d share a few tips with you.

Sound and Movement:
Remember that your baby heard plenty of noises and experienced movement during the months in your belly. Then one day, they’re born, and the world seems intent on keeping things quiet for them. They might miss the rhythmic sounds they heard in your womb. Try soothing them with repetitive motion in your arms, rocking chair, or infant swing. In a pinch, try taking them for a drive – in their car seat, of course. Repetitive motion can be an effective sleep tonic.

As for sound, there is something to shushing a fussy or crying baby. A gentle, soft “shushing” or humming sound repeated while rocking your baby can be very soothing to them. They did spend months inside of you serenaded by the melody of your heart. Babies are often comforted by soft, repetitive sounds.

Sometimes a fussy baby is just hungry. Sometimes a growing baby is hungry. Fussing is their way of letting you know they want more food than they are receiving. With your doctor’s approval, it might be time to increase their nutritional intake.

While many ancient cultures have long practiced swaddling, it’s become popular in the U.S. mostly in recent decades. Try swaddling your baby. You want to wrap them in a tight but comfortable swaddle. After your child is born, most hospitals will review with you how to wrap your baby. Most parents report their child seems to feel comforted by being swaddled.

While some babies love that you rock them in a prone position, others prefer to be more vertical especially if they suffer from reflux (not uncommon in newborns). After you feed your baby, keep them upright for a short time while you burp them and allow some digestion to occur. We suggest you watch this video on how to hold a fussy baby by Dr. Robert Hamilton. It’s garnered more than 25 million views for his technique!

Touch Therapy:
There are many benefits to touch therapy, and as a baby photographer, we couldn’t agree more. We often try light massage on a baby’s back or forehead as we are gently posing them for portraits. Try it at home next time your child is struggling to fall asleep.

We enjoy our work with newborn photography in the South Riding, VA and Northern Virginia area. Photographing children and babies is one of the most rewarding aspects of our profession. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tips on how to soothe a fussy baby.


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