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The magic of newborn photography expresses itself equally well in color and in black and white. As an experienced photographer in the South Riding, VA area, we sometimes suggest black and white over color. Let us explain why.

Color Photography
The warm glow of a sun setting behind a child or the dark green of a grassy meadow anchoring a picture can be show-stopping gorgeous. The demure pastels of a baby’s outfit can convey beautifully and sweetly. Some portraits naturally lend themselves better to color.

But don’t underestimate the power of black and white photography as it relates to newborns.

Black and White Photography
Color photography practically shouts its vibrancy while a black and white portrait whispers its drama. While you might think that demeans its power, it’s just the opposite.

Black and whites are a poignant study in contrast of light and shadow. It’s captivating to the viewer and draws them into the subject. It is a timeless style, and fascinating, like an antique portrait. In other words, it’s a perfect medium to capture the mystique and beauty of a newborn baby, fresh and new to the world. It is both simple and complex – just like a new life and a parent’s love.

You don’t always need color to be intriguing or beautiful. Sometimes it’s best to allow the beauty of the subject to capture your attention and your heart.

Personal Preference
Experience and skill matter tremendously with fine art photography. Our job as a skilled baby photographer is to represent the subject’s story as genuinely as possible – whether it’s a family of five or a tiny being just seven days old. We will work closely with you and help guide you toward either black and white or color (or both) in your child’s portraiture. However, sometimes it’s just a matter of personal preference for a client. It comes down to: What do you love?

With almost two decades working with newborn photography in the South Riding, VA and Northern Virginia area, we are always happy to discuss with you the merits of both color and black and white photography. Contact our studio to schedule a call or an appointment!


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