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Our newborn photography work in the Lowes Island, VA area means we get to work with brand new moms and dads! As a mom, we know how exhausting those first few months can be. So here are some tips on six things you can do for the new mom in your life:

1. Organize for food drop-off. When you’re exhausted the last thing you think about is food – eating or cooking it. Organize a food drop off on MealTrain.com or just through email. Meal Train is especially helpful because it’s chock-full of information such as places to order food from and grocery stores. It makes it easy for friends and family to participate in bringing food to the new parents!

2. Ask how you can be of help! There are so many little ways you can help which would be huge for the new parents. Run a load of laundry. Pick up some groceries (or ready-made meals). Run other errands for her. Watch the baby for a while so she can rest or nap. Go for a walk with her to get her out of the house and get some fresh air. The possibilities are endless. Just go and hang out with her while she’s running errands or at home with a fussy baby.

3. Help with household chores. We put this one in its own category because it can be a significant help for new parents, especially a new mom if dad’s already gone back to work. A clean house goes along way toward mental health when you’re cooped up at home with a new baby!

4. Send her off to be pampered. She might be tired but pampering can help her perk up, whether it’s a manicure and pedicure, a full-body massage, or haircut. Volunteer to watch the baby while she’s off to be pampered.

5. Help her organize the baby’s room. Now that junior has actually arrived, things will look a whole lot different. There will be stacks of diapers, clean/dirty laundry to wash and put away, baby things to build or find a spot for in the house. You can save the new mom a lot of time by helping with these things.

6. As Northern Virginia photographers, we have to give this one last tip: Offer to take some pictures of the baby or, better yet, give her a Newborn Portrait Session with Ever After!

Newborn photography is the best way to record baby’s first portraits! As a Lowes Island, VA photographer, we offer gift certificates and are happy to work with new parents. Contact us to schedule your appointment or to purchase a gift certificate for the new parent in your life.


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