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Newborn photography in the Lowes Island, VA area allows us to be part of something so much bigger than us: a new life. Documenting a newborn with their parents is emotional and meaningful. So, it’s not surprising that at times parents ask for our help in selecting their final portraits.

Although the client always has the last say in what portraits they choose, we are here to help them! Sometimes our perspective can help them pick those special portraits that will most genuinely and emotionally tell their story.

During a portrait session of any kind, we do our best to draw up the love and joy they have as a family. For a newborn session, the parents often arrive tired, even exhausted. Mom has just given birth, and everything is new. Suddenly, life is about making adjustments. But once their portrait session begins, and that exhausted mom or dad peers into the face of that tiny baby, a jumble of emotions well up. It’s up to us – as experienced Northern Virginia photographers – to capture those emotions.

However, newborn photography isn’t just about taking a shot of Mom’s face looking at the baby, although that can be part of it. Sometimes it’s in capturing how securely but still awkwardly Dad holds this new little life in his big hands. Or, it can be an uncomplicated but powerful image of Mom’s lips pressed against the baby’s little forehead. Sometimes it’s a shot of the baby’s tiny fingers and toes.

So, as you can see, choosing the right portraits is more than just picking the one in which the baby looks the best. We want our parents to look at their fine art portraits years from now. We want them to smile in remembrance of holding their baby when it was so tiny. We want them to say, “I know I must have been exhausted, but I don’t remember that!” It’s the joy, awe, and love we want them to remember through our portraiture. We want to evoke those emotions decades from now from the images we capture. That’s great portrait work.

We enjoy working with our newborn photography clients, whether in Lowes Island, VA or elsewhere, to help them create the most powerful and meaningful infant fine art portraits!


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Ever After Baby Portraits is comprised of Mindy Belcher and Joriana Belcher Anderson, a mother-daughter baby photography team located in Sterling, VA in Northern Virginia. We specialize in timeless and emotive fine art family portraits, including newborn and baby portraits. Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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