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We aren’t experts in babies, but we are experts in newborn photography here in Lowes Island, VA! We believe it’s important to invest ourselves in our work. That means keeping up with the latest on anything related to the world of newborns!

As a mother and daughter photography team, cultivating relationships with our clients is important to us. We think most Northern Virginia photographers would agree with us! We enjoy getting to know our customers – including the tiniest ones. That’s why it’s not unusual to find us reading about infants, the latest gadgets, or research related to children. We’d love to share a few of the most recent must-have gadgets for parents we’ve read about. (Please note: We do not endorse any products.)

* Baby monitor with an app: The most advanced baby monitors allow you to watch your child on a phone app. But that’s not all! These sophisticated monitors have motion and crying sensors, enable you to pan or tilt the camera, record and create videos, snapshots, two-way communication, and even day or night vision. How we survived without one, we’ll never know!

* Formula makers: Think coffee maker but baby style. No more struggling to measure out the formula. These machines make the formula right into the bottle like a coffee machine pours out coffee! You can select the ounces and temperature.

* Nose sucker: Yes, rather gross, but incredibly useful and smart. No more newborns with stuffy, blocked noses. Use one of these gadgets to “suck” out their blockage and open up their nasal passages. Inexpensive and ease to use.

* Vacuum robots: Make life easier on yourself and purchase a vacuum robot. There are several brands and, while they’re not cheap, they’ll free up your time. Any parent will tell you that with babies come food on the floor. Let a robot do the vacuuming!

* Stroller clips: Use a pair of stroller clips to clip your diaper bag directly to your stroller instead of lugging it around on your already tired shoulders!

* Stroller Board: When baby joins a toddler already in the home, a walk with both can be a challenge. With a stroller board, it’s far easier to transport a baby and a toddler using one stroller. The older sibling can stand or sit on a stroller board (attached to the stroller) while you push.

As newborn photography experts in Lowes Island, VA, we would love to hear from you. What is your favorite gadget as a new parent? Tell us in the comments!


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