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So should you include a sibling in your newborn portraits? The answer to this frequently asked question is a resounding YES! Yes, you absolutely should include a sibling or siblings in a newborn portrait. We tell our Lansdowne, VA and other Northern VA newborn photography clients this all the time. Why?

Well, let us count the ways:

• Ask the adult last born in any family if there are as many pictures of them as there are of the first born in the family. We bet the answer is no. The first born is usually welcomed with much joy and accolade. By the time you’re on your third or fourth, mmm, things have changed a bit. There’s still joy and accolade, but not as much time. We bet there aren’t as many pictures of the last child as the first. As a baby photographer, we’re just saying! Don’t hate the messenger!

• The arrival of a baby is a beautiful and joyous time for everyone – well, almost everyone! The arrival of a new baby brother or sister can be a little contentious or confusing for a sibling. Most psychologists would tell you to find ways to include the older siblings in welcoming the new baby. Including them in newborn photography is a terrific way to show them in a tangible way (via a photo) how much they, too, matter to you and in the family!

• Some of the most moving baby portraits we have seen have been with an older child and the recently arrived baby. And, while you might enjoy that portrait, the time will come when those children as adults will truly appreciate that portrait of them together.

• The newborn or baby portrait with an older sibling can be serious and dramatic (think formal black and white) or casual and charming (think casual color photo). The more serious one can be yours. The casual one can be displayed in the older sibling’s room where they can see themselves and their new baby sister or brother every day? What better way for the sibling to feel part of the baby’s life?

We could go on and on. Sibling photography as part of your newborn or baby portrait session can be such a important gift for your older children! If you are within driving distance (we’re always worth the drive) to our Sterling, VA area newborn photography studio, call us.


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