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We like to say that both “a lot happens” and “not much happens” during one of our typical portrait sessions with a newborn baby or child! Saying both might sound contradictory or strange, but it’s the truth: As specialists in children and newborn photography in the Cascades, VA area, we would tell you that there are two sides to a portrait session. Can you guess which one is ours? If you guessed our side is “a lot happens,” you guessed correctly!

So what does happen during a session? Here is a glimpse:

A Lot Happens
Before your newborn’s, baby’s or child’s portrait session even begins, we have a lot to do! Whether the session is indoors or outdoors, there is a significant amount of planning and prepping ahead of any session. Cameras, lenses, lights, and batteries are checked to make sure they are ready to go when you arrive. We set up as much of the equipment as we can ahead of time and ensure everything is ready for when the session begins. As a newborn photographer, we especially appreciate the need for safety in the studio with children present, so we like to be certain that the environment is safe for you and your adorable baby.

Once a client arrives with their child (or children), we make sure that we turn to the kids and establish a rapport if the child is old enough for that. No one likes strangers taking their pictures — unless they’re used to the Paparazzi! We always tell clients in advance to trust us with their children and allow us to direct the scene. Kids will engage with us and are more likely to enjoy their portrait session if we, and not their parents, are leading the session. The better and more we engage them, the easier it will be to capture them as candidly as possible.

Not Much Happens
If we’ve done our advance work well, including providing clients with information before their session, then not much happens on the clients’ side. We ask you to relax and enjoy the session. That’s your job for the entirety of the portrait session. If you follow our instructions and allow us to do our job, we will be more likely to capture the best possible pictures of your kids. We will work with your children in an engaged and age-appropriate manner. We will direct poses for the portraits, if needed, and we will guide them if they are older and can follow instructions. So, not much happens on the clients’ side because we do the bulk of the “work!” We don’t expect our clients to have to do much else other than relax, follow instructions, and enjoy the session!

As a specialist in children and newborn photography in the Cascades, VA area, we value the opportunity to work with parents and their children. These are some of the most rewarding sessions we do particularly with return clients. Return clients give us a unique chance of seeing how much the children have grown since their last session with us! So, trust us when we say that “a lot and not much” happens during our newborn, baby, and children’s photography sessions!


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