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Your Q & A Guide to Newborn Photography and Photographers! As an experienced newborn photographer working in the Purcellville, VA area, we know that individuals often have questions about this photography genre. Here are a few popular questions and our answers:

Q. Do we have to do newborn photography during that first busy, exhausting week?

A. A resounding yes! The idea behind newborn photography is to document the early days of this precious new life. Yes, you’re tired but trust us when we say that those first few weeks will go by in a blur. It will be difficult to remember that time or how your baby looked those first few weeks. An infant’s “newborn” features begin to change dramatically after that first week making those first 7 days the best for a Newborn Portrait Session. It’s also an ideal time because an infant’s limbs are still easy to pose. And, while you might be tired from lack of sleep, infants sleep a lot, making it a very good time to do a newborn portrait session.

Q. Can we use a great photographer we know to do our newborn’s photos?

A. It depends. Newborn portraits are more than just pictures of babies. Does that great photographer also specialize in newborn portraits? How much experience do they have working with infants? Newborn photography is unique and involves a lot of personal investment for a photographer. For example, we spend a lot of time before a newborn’s session to ensure we’re ready with equipment and props. We make sure the room is ready and warm enough for an infant – all to ensure the comfort and safety of the baby. Ask the photographer you know about their experience working with newborns and check their portfolio of newborn portraits before you hire them.

Q. What else should we look for in a newborn photographer?

A. Besides a photographer’s experience with infants and their portfolio, here are a few other things we recommend you look for:

* Quality! Newborn portraits should live on into the next generation. It’s important that your photographer uses archival-quality paper and professional printing. Ask them about this before you hire them.

* Because these portraits are meant to last so long, the portraits should look timeless. How do you think you will feel about the final product in 50 years? We believe that at least some of the shots should be timeless and classic.

* Lastly, we often say it, but it’s worth repeating: It’s important to review their portfolio carefully. Do you like what you see? If you don’t love their work, look for another photographer.

Q. When should I call to schedule a newborn session?

A. While each portrait studio is different, most studios run the same way when it comes to scheduling newborn sessions. We recommend you contact our studio anytime in your pregnancy but no later than the early part of your last two months. Most due dates are difficult to predict, but we can create a time slot for you with some flexibility. To best serve our clients, we only accept a certain number of sessions at any given time. The earlier you contact us to reserve your session, the better. We do not recommend you wait until the birth to call us for an appointment! Although we can try, we might not be able to offer you a reservation with such short notice.

As a leading newborn photographer in the Purcellville, VA area, we have almost two decades of experience and have developed extensive skills related to newborn photography. Contact our studio if you would like to schedule a newborn portrait session!


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