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Working as a newborn photographer in the Herndon, VA area brings us into regular contact with some savvy moms and dads. As any parent knows, you’ll get plenty of advice – some unsolicited. But, a recent article in The Bump got us thinking about those “must-haves” no one tells you.

We might spend a lot of our time on baby photography, but we certainly have a lot of experience as mothers! So, here’s our two cents on some must-have equipment you should know about:

1. Yes, you’ll need a stroller but you should consider this: 1) buy two strollers; one fully decked out and the other for travel or quick jaunts to the grocery store; 2) buy an integrated stroller system (that’s the fully decked out one). An integrated system guarantees your stroller and car’s baby seat are compatible, making life simpler. Also, check for recalls before you purchase any car seat and the Internet for reviews on various brands before you buy one.

2. Every parent will need a diaper bag. Make it the best you can afford and one that can also serve as a large purse during and after the diaper days. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a diaper bag, it might as well come in handy for several years! The better the quality, the longer it’s going to last through the wear and tear of parenting young children.

3. A baby carrier is handy around the house and on the go. Be sure to try it on before you buy it! They’re not particularly cheap, especially the better quality ones. Make sure it is adjustable.

4. A breastfeeding pillow is indispensable. If you plan on doing any travel, you might as well purchase a travel one as well. There are some good quality inflatable breastfeeding pillows.

5. High chairs are also indispensable – but travel chairs are even better! You can find a portable feeding chair to use both at home and if you head out to a restaurant or on a trip. These can save space in your home and do double duty because you can’t take a high chair with you when you leave the house. And, let’s face it, sometimes public high chairs aren’t in the best condition.

6. Clearly, you’ll need bibs – lots of them! High-quality cotton bibs that can take a lot of laundering will make life easier and save money in the long run. When your baby gets older, you can purchase plastic ones to cut down on laundry.

7. Good quality washcloths can serve as a bib in a pinch or on the road. Make sure you stock up on both bibs and washcloths and stuff some extras in your diaper bag and car.

We hope you gained something from our “wisdom”! We truly enjoy our work as a newborn photographer in the Herndon, VA area and we love communicating with our clients. We hope you’re enjoying our blog!


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