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Have you ever thought how much your things mean to you? Is there a tangible or intangible value to them? Most people would say tangible. A friend of ours, however, recently had a thought-provoking conversation with her daughter on this same topic. It reminded us of our portrait post on whether photography is tangible or intangible. As an experienced newborn photographer in the Broadlands, VA area, we know that there are both tangible and intangible benefits to photography. So, we thought we’d share our friend’s chat with you – with their permission, of course!

Our friend and her daughter were discussing the popular tiny house movement. She admitted to her daughter that, while fascinated with these smallest of homes, she didn’t think she could live in one permanently. She wasn’t willing to give up so many of her possessions to be able to live in a tiny house. Surprised, her millennial daughter called her out on how materialistic that sounded. Her mother had raised her quite differently than that.

The mom went on to explain. The things she valued, and would find tough to part with, weren’t things like expensive shoes or handbags – although, let’s face it, those aren’t easy to part with either! For our friend, it would be difficult to let go of some things she’d collected throughout her life’s experiences and extensive travels. The most important of those things were photo albums of family and travels, professional portraits, as well as several dozen photos from a gallery wall art collection she’d created in her home.

Moving into a tiny home would mean getting rid of these items or, at the very least, putting them away in storage where she could no longer enjoy them. This family had moved internationally quite a bit during the years following the husband’s finance career. The many family portraits are what helped make any “house” into their latest “home.” Our friend felt strongly about being able to enjoy these precious pictures no matter where she lived. She didn’t feel that putting them into storage or onto a CD or DVD would be acceptable to her. And, we can understand why.

You can enjoy displayed wall portraits every day or browse through an album displayed on a coffee table for all visitors to enjoy. Newborn photography can be especially wonderful because each day you can see the growth and changes in your baby compared to its first days of life!

A CD, on the other hand, is not the same. While they are valuable for backup storage, the ability to enjoy the contents is limited. It’s not unusual that someone who purchases images on a disc finds themselves dissatisfied and wants more tangible proof of their portrait session.

We always recommend finished portraits. Their benefits are both tangible and intangible. Their value is priceless. The enjoyment is everlasting and immeasurable.

As a newborn photographer near you in the Broadlands, VA region, we believe that portrait photography is one of the most meaningful and enjoyable gifts you can give yourself. Call us today to schedule your newborn, baby or family portrait session.


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