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Newborn facts for new parents

If you are going to be a parent for the first time, it can be overwhelming to have a new person to take care of twenty four hours a day.  Here are some facts from 10 Things to Know About Newborns to prepare you and give you a headstart on what is coming.

After the baby’s arrival into the world, their head may be a little smooshed from the trip through the birth canal.  Puffy faces and eyes that are often shut can happen.  It will not be long before this disappears.

Smiling or cooing will not appear until your baby is about six weeks.  So something to definitely look forward to on those long nights during the first few weeks.

Sponge baths for baby until the umbilical cord falls off.  If the cord is kept dry it will fall off faster usually within two weeks.  It the cords gets wet just pat it dry.  After the cord falls off there might be a little bleeding which is normal.

New moms and dads may be nervous about the soft spot which is the opening in the skull which allowed the baby to come out of the birth canal. It’s okay to touch the soft spot and baby’s hair near it,” says Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, pediatrician and author of Mommy Calls. The spot may pulsate because it’s directly over blood vessels covering the brain.

Worried about if your baby is eating enough!  The weight of the baby is the best way to tell.  Your newborn will lose about 5 to 8 percent of the birthweight in the first week but should gain it back in the second week.

Dry skin is very common for the newborn.  You don’t have to do anything about it but if you want to purchase a lotion the new best kind is the hypoallergenic baby lotion that is fragrance free. Diaper rash and baby acne may appear. The acne might last for a few months according to Laura Jana, MD, pediatrician and coauthor of Heading Home With Your Newborn.

You can go out in the world and live your life.  Just use common sense when traveling with your newborn.  Keep the baby out of the sun and don’t be around people who are sick.  It is best for visitors to wash their hands before handling the newborn.

Crying is how baby communicate whether they are hungry, need to be changed or want mommy and daddy to hold them.  In time you will know what your baby needs and what the crying means.

Sleep will feel like a luxury.  Since the baby eats every two to three hours you will not get a lot of sleep.  By 3 months, most babies can sleep for six to eight hours.  Meanwhile try to get your baby on a day and night schedule.

If you become stressed and exhausted, realize this time will go very quickly. Make sure to take lots of photos and write down the special moments so you can reflect on those memories as your baby grows and changes so quickly.

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