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Given that we do maternity photos across Northern Virginia, including the Leesburg, VA area, we know that sometimes during pregnancy, a woman might not feel beautiful or even comfortable. Maternity photos whether you live in Leesburg, VA or Washington, D.C. might not be of much interest right now, but trust us, they are important. But to help you feel better, we thought you might enjoy this article that caught our attention.

So, we love reading on topics related to our work and our clients. And this is one we loved for its practical tips. Here are some of the tips from the article:

1. Hydrate
Hydrating during your pregnancy is more important than ever. It’s important for numerous reasons, including keeping your amniotic fluid healthy, that you drink plenty of water. Speak to your doctor about how much you should be drinking daily.

2. Right Food
Consult your doctor about the types of food to avoid during pregnancy and which ones to be sure to consume. It’s vital to eat healthy, not just to look good but for the health of your baby.

3. Sleep
Listen to your body during your pregnancy because as a newborn photographer (and as mothers), we can tell you that sleepless nights lie ahead when the baby arrives! Fatigue is common while you’re pregnant, and it’s important to get your rest when your body is telling you it’s tired.

4. Weight
Listen to your doctor on what healthy weight you should strive to maintain. Gaining weight is natural during pregnancy, but those calories should come from healthy foods, not junk food.

5. Exercise
Are you exercising? Exercise is a good thing for pregnancy. Talk to your doctor before you launch into a rigorous program if you’ve previously been somewhat inactive.

6. Stretch Marks
There are several stretch mark creams on the market today. It’s recommended you begin using it daily during your pregnancy.

7. Flaunt it
When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Your body is changing. Enjoy it. Flaunt it. Highlight it! Enjoy the range of maternity clothes available to women today.

8. Make-Up
If you’re not feeling well, you might not want to bother with make-up. However, every woman can feel more beautiful with a little bit of make-up. It doesn’t take much. Take a few extra minutes and try a makeup consultation at a local make-up counter. Again, you might want to stick to plant-based products without harsh chemicals.

9. Relax!
Pregnancy is a great time to practice relaxation. If you don’t know a method, it’s not a bad time to learn! Perhaps, try a maternity yoga or Pilates class or water aerobics class.

Most of all, enjoy your pregnancy! It’s a very special time in your life as you get ready to bring new life into your world. Take the time to schedule maternity photos. In a few years, you’ll be grateful you took the time to capture these special days with a fine art portrait celebrating this amazing time in your life. We work with clients throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Leesburg, VA.


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