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More women than ever before are doing maternity photos. Many of our clients from Leesburg, VA, Broad Run, VA, and all across Northern Virginia are ordering them as well. But, every so often, a customer rather shyly will ask us about maternity photos. She’s intrigued, but she’s just not sure about it. So, influenced by a great article in an Australian magazine on this very same topic, we decided to write up seven of our reasons why you should do maternity portraits!

1. You look beautiful.
Whether you feel beautiful or not, you are beautiful when you are pregnant! Every woman is beautiful when she’s pregnant. It’s a natural state for a woman’s body to be in, and our bodies are created for it. Don’t give in to any thoughts you have that say otherwise – especially toward the end of your pregnancy when you’re not feeling so comfortable. Your curves are at their most glorious then, making it the best time to have maternity photos taken!

2. Flaunt that baby bump as you never have before.
Many women worry about their bellies before their pregnant. Well, now that you are pregnant, it’s time to show it off in all its glory! As a maternity and newborn photographer, we know how to exploit those curves so that you will look stunning in your portraits! Trust us! Every woman we photograph is pleasantly surprised to see how great they look in our maternity portraits.

3. Capture the moment.
You are going to be pregnant only so many times in your life. Capture at least one of your pregnancies in a beautiful and artistic portrait. Your children will enjoy these photos years later when they can delight in seeing themselves “inside” your belly.

4. Be a model.
Be creative! Every woman should feel beautiful and be able to capture that in portraiture. A great maternity photographer will know just what to do for maternity photos, including what are the best poses for you. We can be as creative as you like! If you have any ideas, let us know! Otherwise, we will offer our thoughts for your portrait session. Feeling comfortable with your photographer means the portraits will turn out even better! It’s why we get to know you before your session.

5. Include your partner.
We encourage your partner to participate in the portrait session as well. Some of our best maternity photos have included the partner with arms wrapped around the belly. These sessions are a good way to get your partner involved in your final weeks of pregnancy.

6. Siblings can come, too!
We suggest doing several pictures with any older siblings. It’s a great way to include them in the arrival of their new sibling! Just as maternity photography is a great way for your partner to bond with you and the baby, it’s the same for older siblings. Including them in the session makes for a very special portrait which will one day be greatly appreciated by that child. Let them throw their arms around you or around your belly!

7. Professional photography all the way!
Yes, you can take snapshots of your baby bump. However, they just don’t compare to fine art portraits – really! Look through our website and you’ll see some examples of our work. And, it’s not as expensive as you might think! We’d be happy to discuss our pricing with you. We’d love for you to capture your pregnancy “forever”! Trust us. Before you know it, that baby is graduating high school!

If you would like to discuss doing Ever After maternity photos in the Leesburg, VA, Broad Run, VA or elsewhere in the Northern Virginia area, contact us! Let’s get you and your baby belly in front of our cameras!


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