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Our maternity photography in the Reston, VA & Great Falls, VA areas allows us the opportunity to collaborate with some very excited Moms-to-Be. However, we love including a dad or partner as well! There are lots of ways they can be part of a maternity session. Here are just a few ways!

In Profile
Maternity profile portraits are a beautiful way to celebrate a pregnancy, so why not include Dad in a few of those pictures? From standing behind Mom, arms wrapped around her and her beautiful belly, to kneeling or standing in front of her with his face or hands placed on the stomach, there are any number of angles we can take in a profile. The center of focus becomes the belly. These can be very powerful portraits.

Dad’s Perspective
As maternity photographers, we love shooting from unusual angles. How about a portrait shot from behind the dad toward the mom and his future son or daughter? The father can be kneeling, and the maternity photographer (us) kneels behind him and shoots toward the mom. It’s a unique perspective and allows the viewer to see things from the angle of the father-to-be!

Focus on the Belly
We love to shoot a few pictures focused entirely on the baby belly! We focus in tight on the parents’ hands placed on the stomach. These pictures can be poignant and very sweet. The hands represent all the love the parents feel for their unborn child. Another view of the belly is the father gently kissing the belly. Sometimes just placing his cheek against the belly as if he’s listening to the heartbeat can be equally compelling!

One could argue that this is your baby’s first picture! An enlargement of your ultrasound picture with dad holding it in front of your belly or between the two of you is a cute picture.

Dad and Children
If you have other children, a fun portrait is a dad holding your other child as the child leans in to kiss the baby belly. These can be either a serious shot or a fun one depending on the moment and your child’s reaction. Often, we can shoot both – a somber one and a fun shot!

Our maternity photography in the Reston, VA & Great Falls, VA area is a special part of our overall family photography. We love working with expectant parents and documenting this unique and special period in their lives. Contact us if you’d like to work with an experienced and trusted mother and daughter maternity photography team!


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