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As experts in maternity photography, we believe your portraits should be intimate, exquisite, and unique. Maternity pictures are a poignant and timeless way to celebrate your pregnancy, your body and, especially, your baby. So, it’s not unusual that many of our clients across Northern Virginia, including Great Falls, VA & Cascades, VA often ask us what they should wear for their portraits.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for your maternity pictures.

Long dress or gown
A long, flowing dress can be extremely feminine and ethereal on your body. Whether you choose a fancy gown, flowing dress or a piece of fabric across your body, it can evoke the femininity and beauty of pregnancy. The look of a long gown can be timeless and ethereal.

Some women feel the most beautiful in a form-fitting dress. Others would rather not wear one. Either one is perfectly all right! A form-fitting dress accentuates your curves and body. If you’ve never been brave enough to wear one, you might want to try one now in your last trimester when your curves are at their most dramatic!

Lace whether as a trim or covering is graceful and elegant. In the right outfit, it can be fun as well! It’s a particularly beautiful and appropriate choice during your final trimester of pregnancy when your body is at its most voluptuous.

Avoid Trendy
Like with most portraits, we recommend that you avoid anything trendy. A timeless look or style is best. Today’s fashion trends will soon be outdated and appear even more out of style in twenty years when you look back at your portraits. If you can’t find anything classic and timeless in your wardrobe, take this opportunity to buy a new outfit!

Keep It Simple
Yes, jewelry can enhance a portrait, but it could also distract from the most important part of the picture – you! Keep it simple. Again, what’s fashionable today in clothing and jewelry is tomorrow’s old fashion statement. Sometimes the most beautiful thing you can add to an outfit is something very modest — or nothing extra at all. You can be the focus of the portrait.

Color & Patterns
Pick a flattering color for your skin tone, and we usually recommend keeping patterns to a minimum. When it comes to photography, patterns and designs, like too many accessories, can distract from the overall look and feel of the portrait. If you need ideas, we can help you with colors and are happy to discuss color options with you!

Two Outfits
Bring at least two outfits to your session, so you have options and have more looks to select from later when you’re choosing your portraits.

Feel free to check out our Pinterest board for more maternity wardrobe ideas!

We specialize in maternity photography in the Great Falls, VA & Cascades, VA area. We bring almost two decades of experience to our photography work. If you would like to speak to us about your maternity pictures, please contact our studios today!


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