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Labor and Delivery

For women who are going to give birth for the first time, the thought of going into labor and delivering a baby can be extremely overwhelming.  There are certain things you can do prior to the delivery time to help you both physically and mentally understand what is going to happen when the time comes.

How To Make Labor And Delivery Easier: 5 Tips | Girls Gone Strong gives you an overview of techniques to use so you can prepare and feel more relaxed.

1). Managing Your Emotions

Your emotional state is definitely connected to how you are able to respond to the physical feelings you experience.   It is important to feel comfortable in your own space and be able to go through the labor process at your own pace.  Having a good support system of people around you to help you focus on your body and be more relaxed.

2). Breathing Your Baby Down

Breathing is essential to birthing.  It helps to manage the pain to get you through the labor process.


On your inhale breath, you want to feel your breath fill up your trunk. You’ll feel your ribcage and belly fill with air and your perineum (the tissues around your vagina) will expand.EXHALE BREATH:On your exhale breath, you want to send your breath down through your body. Instead of thinking about blowing your air OUT, think about blowing your breath DOWN, from your diaphragm to your vagina. This doesn’t have to be incredibly forceful – think quality over quantity.

A few ways to make this even more effective:

    • On your exhale breath, make an audible “ahhhhh” sound.
    • Try “blowing raspberries”: where you make a vibration sound through the lips (like babies often make).
    • Try to keep your head, neck, and jaw as relaxed as possible to help the pelvic floor relax and stretch.
    • Put one hand under your breasts, on the front of your ribs, to remind you where you want your breath to come from (you want the tension to develop here as you breathe your baby down).

3). Push When YOU Feel Ready

A woman should push when she feels the sensations and overwhelming need to push, not purely when she is told the time is now.

4). Pushing is Not Bearing Down on The Pelvic Floor

Ina May Gaskin, a birthing professional in the United States, says you should let the uterus do the work in labor and birth.  The uterus is very strong and will be contracting to move the baby down.

It’s almost like labor progresses in a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” scenario. Through a contraction the baby moves down, and then in the rest time between contractions the baby moves back up slightly (but stays a bit further down than it was previously).  During these times is not to have continual straining or bearing down on the pelvic floor, as it can put undue stress on your perineum and pelvic organs. We need to will the perineum to stay open, to stay yielding to the pressure.

5). Different Positions

A lot of women find that going through labor and giving birth while lying on your back is not the best position.  There are more effective positions like lying on your side, hand and knees, squatting, leaning forward and squatting.  Speak to your health care professional about what is best for you.

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