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Job interview advice while pregant

There are a lot of confusing contradictions about disclosing a pregnancy while interviewing for a job.   Career coaches and employment attorneys offer their viewpoints on employer’s possible concerns and how to create a positive experience in an interview to acquire the job you want.   Interviewing while pregnant by Careerbuilder offers insight on this topic.

Is it dishonest not to tell that you are pregnant while looking for a job?  Donna Ballman, an employment attorney and author of “Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired” says “My best advice is to not disclose your pregnancy while job hunting. If you’re showing, then you may have to say something, but otherwise don’t disclose until you get a firm job offer. If they rescind the offer or fire you once they find out you’re pregnant, then you may have a pregnancy discrimination case. Once you get the job, then you can – when you are about to start showing – disclose and start talking to them about maternity leave.” Ballman adds, “However, you won’t qualify for Family and Medical leave unless you worked there at least a year.”

Employers are concerned that if you are pregnant that you will start the job and then disappear according to Roy Cohen, author of the “The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide.”  If you take the job and then work a short amount of time before your maternity leave and then make the decision not to come back the employer will have lost money on hiring you for the position.

Make a point of expressing how this position fits into your long term goals to ease any concerns.  An employer wants to hire someone who is highly qualified and wants to be part of the future of the company.

If you decide to tell  the potential employer that you are pregnant, explain how you are prepared for the baby’s arrival to alleviate any worry. Concentrate on points of your availability and skills for this job to show you are what the employer needs in order to improve your chances of receiving a job offer.

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