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First vacation with baby

Are you anxious about where to go with your baby on your first vacation?  With a new little one there are many factors to consider into where you will go and how you will get there.

Here are some helpful hints to find the perfect spot for your new family from The Best Baby-Friendly Vacation Spots (And Where Not to Go) – Family – Parenting.

A cruise is a viable choice.  It may sound crazy but selecting the right cruise is a great to enjoy the outdoors without a lot of the hassle.  You can go out for a few hours and return to your room for  a break when needed.  Some cruise lines are very baby friendly where you can order diapers, wipes and other necessary items ahead of time so you don’t have to pack these things.  There are loads of activities on the ship so you can be entertained without having to go very far from your room.

If you are a beach person then renting a beach house within driving distance from your home is a fun trip.  The benefits of you will save money by groceries versus eating out and having to take the baby with you.  You can also pack as much as you need for the baby.  You can make the trip a family affair by inviting other family members to join you.

If you want to treat yourself a stay at a luxury resort is a good choice.  A lot of the resorts have meals and activities included so everything is there so you don’t have to leave the resort. Most resorts do provide for infants with baby proofing items for your room or having a nanny you can hire if you want some alone time with your partner.

A visit to the new grandparents is good trip for the first time.  A welcome treat for Grandma and Grandpa to bond with their new addition to the family.  You can bring everything you need and is more economical with not spending money on hotel or meals.

Camping is not the best option as it will be a lot of work and not have a lot of relaxation time in this setting.

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