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Imagine this scenario for a moment: You have (wisely) reserved your date with us at Ever After, a leading Dulles, VA child photographer. You are excited and looking forward to your baby’s portraits. But, as you think about your bundle of joy’s first professional pictures, you begin to wonder about outfits, and then it hits you! What should your baby wear for their portrait session?! Don’t worry! As an Ever After client, we will provide you with plenty of information before your session, including on clothing, and we are always available to answer your questions.

Before your baby’s Portrait Session, we will have a Design Session during which we’ll discuss, among other things, clothing choices. Sometimes a certain clothing choice will be recommended due to the style of your home or the room in which you intend to display your child’s portrait. But you are always welcome to select any outfit you like for your baby’s portrait session. It can be anything you want and, obviously, what they wear will depend on their age. Even so, as a Northern Virginia newborn photographer we want to offer some tips for you and other parents to consider when thinking about photo session outfits for a baby.

Options include photographing them nude. Holding your tiny newborn in your arms like this makes for a truly classic and beautiful first portrait! (Be assured that we’re discreet when taking these photographs of your newborn; nothing inappropriate will be captured.) Adding a soft blanket and accessories such as a knitted hat or stuffed animal or doll can add depth to the portrait. Heirloom toys, like a parent’s childhood teddy bear can be especially priceless to include in a baby portrait.

Older Babies
Although babies can wear any outfit you like for their pictures, it’s always a good idea to discuss the outfits you plan on using with the photographer. For example, we usually recommend fabrics with little or no patterns. Ideally, easy on and off pieces work better. Depending on the style you are going for, clothes can either be pastel for a softer look or bright and bold for a more casual, fun look.

The outfit needs to be comfortable. You should wash new clothes before putting them on the baby. Otherwise, it might be scratchy and uncomfortable. The last thing anyone wants is an uncomfortable and unhappy child during their portrait session.

Wear it once
We also recommend the baby wears an outfit at least once before the session so that you can get an idea of how he or she reacts to it. They don’t have to wear it for long; just long enough so that you are pretty confident that they are comfortable and it fits well.

Bring multiple outfits
While changing a baby’s outfit can take time away from taking pictures, it’s always good to bring two other outfits just in case. Spit-ups happen, as do diaper leaks!

As a Dulles, VA area child photographer, we have been taking newborn and baby portraits for almost two decades. We have the experience you should look for in a photographer before you let them handle your child and take their picture. We are committed to producing portraits worthy of being called fine art for you and your family.


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