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Hiring an experienced child photographer can make all the difference in the success of a portrait session. As long-time Dulles, VA area photographer, we know how to keep children and families happy during a photo shoot. A happy child is the star of a happy picture!

Here are some things to bear in mind when it comes to children or family sessions:

Kids are kids!

When we are photographing children or families with children, we love to take it outside. We let kids run around just enough to let them be kids. They will have the fun they want and deserve to have! All children need to get their energy out. They don’t need to feel constrained or forced to pose in any way. Sometimes, by letting kids just be themselves during a portrait session, we can get the best pictures of them – genuine representations of them as they are away from the camera!

If there are teens, go ahead and let them hold that phone and stare into its abyss. We can promise we’ll bring them back from that edge just in time to snap a great shot.

Laugh it up!

We try to be funny! We even think we are funny (not sure if our family would agree), but if you’re funny then let your humor shine! Humor and being silly can bring out the best in all of us. Great candid photography is about catching those unexpected moments, those laughs, smiles, and sometimes those silly looks.

Can we talk?

Our portrait sessions aren’t a catwalk where silence reigns supreme and the photographer barks out orders. When we’re doing a children or family session, let’s talk! We love chit-chat especially with those teens looking a bit uncomfortable about being dragged in front of our camera. We’ll ask questions, and we’ll get things more relaxed. You can help us out by chatting back with us and asking us questions. However, if you’re an experienced parent, then you’ll know that kids often respond better to everyone but their parents! Let us handle the kids! We got this!

Consulting the kids!

Yes, we consult with them – it’s not newborn photography, after all! These kids can talk back and engage with us. We aren’t just going to bark orders about poses. We’re going to ask what they think. We’ll show them a few of the shots after we’ve taken the pictures – young ones, especially, love to see themselves! Occasionally, you might hear us ask what they think, or if there’s a pose or spot, they think we should try.

If a funny, engaging, patient, and flexible child photographer near Dulles, VA is what you want in your next photographer, then you’ve found the right one in us. Contact us to discuss your family’s next portrait session.


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