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Designing your sweet baby’s nursery can be a very exciting time! Even the best newborn photographers here in Broadlands, VA know not to give you too much advice on this topic – we leave that to the interior design experts and your personal tastes! However, we do know a thing or two about design composition, and we love beautiful spaces. We always urge our clients to include family portraits throughout the nursery – more than likely hanging on the walls where the baby can awaken each morning and fall asleep each night looking at portraits of family. What better thing for your baby to look at every time they’re in their room?!

Compose it!

Decorating any space, let alone a nursery, can be a bit intimidating, or it can get overwhelming. So, pick a starting point. It could be a piece of fabric, a color, a pattern, a decorative item or picture you love and want to include in the nursery. Many parents start with either a color scheme or the crib. Build the nursery around whatever you have chosen for your starting point. Have something you love and want to represent in your baby’s room? Start with that and build around it.

Personalize it!

Make a nursery your child’s unique space by customizing it to your taste. Later, when they are old enough to know and express their feelings, you can make some changes. Meanwhile, use newborn and family portraits including maternity pictures, mementos, letters spelling the baby’s name, and other items to customize your nursery. Studies have shown that when children see pictures of themselves in their family home, it helps them to build self-esteem because they feel loved and valued as something bigger than themselves.

Color it beautiful!

Many parents opt for soft pastel colors which for late night feedings can be soothing and lovely. However, your baby’s vision isn’t fully developed when they’re born. It improves throughout their first year of life. In its earliest months, babies are extremely nearsighted and see contrasts more than anything. Using bold, contrasting colors is one way to help your child’s vision develop – although it is not necessary.


Three things should be at the top of your furniture list: A rocking chair or glider for the parents, a crib (of course), and a changing table. After those, if you still have room, a closet or cabinet for storing diapers, clothes, toys, and books is ideal.

We are certain that whatever you do for your baby will be beautiful because you’ve designed and created it with love and your baby in mind! If your nursery design includes your baby’s portraits, using one of the best newborn photographers in the Broadlands, VA area would mean working with us! Contact us. We’d love to do a beautiful series of newborn portraits for your new nursery!


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