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Baby summertime safety

Summer is here!  The heat, humidity and strong rays from the sun can affect your baby.  It is important to take precautions to protect your child, especially babies that are less than six months old who should never be exposed to direct sunlight.  After six months, keep children away from the strong rays as much as possible.  Wearing a hat, sunglasses and using an umbrella on the stroller is a good start.

Here are some other useful tips from Summertime Safety For Baby by The Bump.

Using sunscreen, babies under six months normally should not wear sunscreen.  If you are going to all day trip to the beach you may want to use sunscreeen.  Make sure to bathe the baby afterwards.  Once baby is old enough, look for sunscreen with inorganic filters (like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), which may be less irritating to baby’s skin and eyes.

Look for clothing that has built in UV protection which will help with sun protection.

If you are using a pool in your yard, make sure to empty it every night.  Any water could cause danger for your baby.  Learning CPR is important when you have a child around water as another saftey measure.

If you are near water always keep your baby within arms reach.

Using insect repellent on babies only after they are over two months old per the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Check the labels to make sure that there is NEVER MORE than 30% DEET or picaridin concentration.  Oil of lemon eucalyptus shouldn’t be used on kids under three years. If you pick a natural repellent, look for age restrictions printed on the bottle.

When you do apply repellent, do so sparingly, and only on exposed skin. Don’t put it on hands, areas around the eyes and mouth, or any irritated skin or wounds. If you’re spraying, do it outside and away from food. Once you’re back inside, use soap and water to wash away the repellent.

Avoid areas that attract bugs, including open foods, blooming gardens and stagnant water.

Having a picnic or barbecue outdoors. Don’t let the food sit outside for more than two hours, or if the temp is over 90°F, one hour. Also, try packing the picnic the night before and refrigerating it — this way, it’ll stay cold longer once outside.

Check out the playground before you let the little one play.  Any metal equipment — especially slides — can really heat up under the sun.

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