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Conversations about pregnancy during our portrait sessions taking baby pictures in the South Riding, VA and Round Hill, VA area often lead to “favorites” during pregnancy. Many things quickly become your favorite because they make pregnancy so much more comfortable – especially toward the later months. Here are four ideas for you:

Pre-Natal Vitamins & Nutrition
This one is a no-brainer. Speak to your physician about when to start your prenatal vitamins, but typically you start them before you’re pregnant! There are plenty of great books out on nutrition during pregnancy. They take the guessing out of creating a healthy diet during your nine months. Remember, a healthy mama helps to deliver a healthy baby!

Expectant mothers will tell you that they’ve never loved their pillows more than when they were pregnant! Some women prefer a smaller one to fit between their knees while lying on their sides, while other women prefer longer body pillows. It’s personal preference, but the goal is to align your chest and hips while sleeping on your side. Don’t forget to keep a lower back pillow when you’re sitting to avoid putting too much stress on your lower back.

Leggings or Yoga Pants
If there’s one thing we’ve learned with our baby photography clients (and from personal experience!), it’s that pregnancy is far more pleasant if you’re comfortable! What you wear can make a significant difference. Try leggings or yoga pants. Not only are they comfortable, but you can dress them up or down depending on what you’re doing. Pair them with cute ballerina flats for extra comfort. Just remember that flat shoes can work against you if they don’t offer arch support.

Belly Bands
Speak to your obstetrician about a belly band and if it’s a good idea for you. Some women swear by them for the added support they provide your belly as it grows.

As experts in maternity and baby pictures in the South Riding, VA and Round Hill, VA areas, we’re given the opportunity and blessing to work with both pregnant women and babies. We are so grateful for our clients!


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