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Plan NOW and schedule your newborn baby pictures with us at our South Riding, VA area studios BEFORE the baby arrives! We don’t suggest waiting until after your baby is born to schedule. However, also think about your relationship with your partner. It’s important to have some couple-bonding time before baby makes three! Here are five ideas for you and your partner on things you can do together before the baby arrives:

1. Day Trip
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Enjoy a day trip together with your partner as if you were on vacation a million miles from home. Do some research before you head out the door and then spend the day having some fun exploring a new place. You don’t have to go far; just plan on something you’ll both enjoy together.

2. Babymoon
You can take things up a notch with a “Babymoon” trip. The length of your Babymoon doesn’t matter. It’s about the two of you having fun, relaxing, and getting your rest before the baby arrives to bring along some sleepless nights. Make this your last vacation hurrah as a couple before the baby arrives. Remember to speak with your doctor about travel before you plan any trip during your final trimester!

3. Throw a Party
Life gets a little crazy once the baby comes so why not plan a dinner or event with dear friends while it’s still easy to do? You can do a pot luck, cook for it together with your partner, or cater it. Even if it’s just pizza, the idea is simply to gather your friends and have some fun.

4. Go Out
Enjoy as many evenings out as you can while you don’t have to hire a sitter or worry about the baby! Remember that once the little one arrives, going out together with your partner, especially at the last minute, can get more complicated with the need for babysitters, feeding schedules, etc. So, skip that takeout food and head out the door to your favorite places! Go to a museum, movie, fancy restaurant or event.

5. Nesting and Planning Ahead
Plan ahead by nesting before the baby arrives – just do it together with your partner! Think about what your Honey-Do list is and get it done together. Book necessary appointments in advance while you have your full energy. (Don’t forget professional baby photography as well for when the little one arrives. Booking ahead is an excellent idea.) Babyproofing the house is a lot more fun if you do it together!

Make sure that scheduling newborn or baby pictures with us at our South Riding, VA area studios are part of welcoming your baby home. You don’t want to miss out on fine art newborn photography of your child during their earliest days with you and your partner!


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