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As a Reston, VA baby photographer, we highly encourage you to put baby pictures on your to-do list. But there are many things to consider as well, so we thought we would provide a list of some must-haves for new moms. As moms ourselves, we know how useful these items will be in your life. If you’re waiting for your baby’s birth, catch up on your sleep before their arrival! That can be a tough must-have to get once they do arrive!

As baby photographers, we know the importance of quality equipment and preparation. Running out of supplies in the middle of a portrait session would be less than desirable! It’s no different if you’re a parent and were to run out of diapers when you’re in a restaurant with your baby or, worse yet, forget the diaper bag! Being prepared and well stocked will make your life as a parent so much easier and smoother.

Here are a few must-have items!

Diaper Bag
Invest in a high-quality diaper bag. It will be money well spent. Good ones bring changing pads that are invaluable when on the road. Keep your diaper bag stocked with extra diapers, at least one outfit, and several bibs. Remember to restock the bag each time you arrive home rather than when you’re ready to leave home. Getting out of the house can be hectic, and it’s easy to leave something behind.

Stock up on more diapers than you think you’ll ever need and in more than one size. The baby will size-up faster than you can imagine! If you travel with your child, bring along plenty of extra diapers in case your flight is delayed or you’re stuck somewhere.

Another worthy investment worth putting some extra money into, a good stroller will last you for years. Make sure the stroller is easy to maneuver and easy to open and close. If you’re holding the baby, you should be able to open the stroller with one hand, so test them out before you buy one.

Onesies & Bibs
You can’t have too many staple items like onesies and bibs! Onesies in both long and short sleeves in 100% cotton are good to have on hand. Bibs in both washable fabric and plastic material can be handy. While traveling, plastic bibs are easy to wipe off and reuse. At home, either plastic or cloth bibs will work. Keeping a few bibs in the kitchen easy to reach and in your main “hang-out” spot in your home such as your family room will save you from running around looking for a bib whenever you need one!

Wipes and Washcloths
You’ll use baby wipes not just at your changing table and with changing pads, so it’s a good idea to stash some throughout the house, your car, diaper bag, and stroller. Washcloths come in handy as well for quick face wipes when you’re home and would rather use water than baby wipes.

Above all, be ready to enjoy quality time with your baby! The years will fly by as any older parent will tell you. Remember to shop in multiples to keep your home stocked with these and other must-have items – and schedule your professional baby pictures with our studio in the Reston, VA area!


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