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Oh, let us count the reasons you should have newborn portraits taken! Newborn photography (and baby photography in general) is a rapidly growing segment of professional photography, and our Northern Virginia area clients, including Lansdowne, VA are increasingly asking for it. Why? Because they want to capture those precious early days and years in gorgeous baby pictures!

Based on our years of experience as professional photographers (and as a mother for Mindy), here are just a few reasons you should consider Newborn and Baby photography:

1. Because you cannot take back time! We are certain you’ve heard this before, but they really do grow up before you know it! Don’t be that parent who laments to us during their child’s senior portrait that they wish they’d done more professional pictures, including baby pictures, during their childhood. Why not create a wall gallery in your home documenting your precious child’s growth from newborn through the varying stages of their growth and sweet life? Imagine the day you’ll add their wedding portrait to the gallery. What a gift you are creating for your child to have one day when they are an adult with children of their own.

2. Those first days are incredibly special! Those first few weeks of parenthood, especially with your first baby, will be a blur of feedings, diapers, and lack of sleep. Yep! Sorry to tell you, but we thought you knew that already! A newborn portrait taken within days or hours of a sweet baby’s birth marks a special moment in your lives as a family – whether it’s your first or last baby. Newborn photography will help document those first days or weeks with your newborn.

3. Better than a snap shot! Yes, you can whip out that phone or camera and snap some baby pictures in the hospital, but it’s just not the same. There’s a lot of skill, time, equipment, and experience behind each one of our portraits. All our portraits, including newborn portraits, are printed on museum-quality materials and the framing is equally high-quality. The results are incomparable, and your portraits will last for generations!

4. Everyone else is doing it! Ok, you won’t often hear us saying that, but newborn and baby photography has become extremely popular. It seems that every parent is documenting those first days and years. Do you really want your child to be the one without any professional portraits, and one day, after seeing Tommy’s newborn portraits displayed in his home, they ask you where their newborn portraits are?

5. And don’t forget maternity photos! To many mothers, maternity photos hold a poignant place in their hearts. While that precious life is growing inside of you, capture that special time with a Maternity Session. (We offer a Maternity Session add-on to our Newborn Sessions.)

As family photographers in the Lansdowne, VA area, we’d love to help you document memories with your precious newborn, and we do the full range of family photography! We know how valuable newborn photography is to each of our clients, and how they will be treasured for decades.

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Ever After Baby Portraits is Mindy and Joriana, a mother-daughter photography team located in Sterling, VA, near Lansdowne, VA. We specialize in timeless and emotive fine art family portraits, including baby and newborn portraits. Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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