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As photographers specializing in newborn and baby photography in the Northern VA area, we are often asked for recommendations regarding baby-related items. One of those items is nursery furniture.

Cribs are one of the first things moms-and-dads-to-be purchase once they find out a baby is on the way. But are there reasons to choose a high-end convertible crib for your baby?

Although there are many choices out there for cribs, one of the most cost effective choices you can make in a crib is to choose a convertible one. Many convertible cribs have options which allow them to grow to a full bed for lifetime use: a crib; a toddler bed; and a day bed or full size bed.

This convertible crib is Cleopatra by Romina Furniture.

This convertible crib is Alexa by Natart Juvenile.

Both Romina Furniture and Natart Juvenile offer lines of convertible cribs, as well as matching dressers and other furniture.

We recently visited and spoke with Tina Coulson, Store Manager for Great Beginnings Baby & Kids in Chantilly, Virginia. She explained to us why quality, materials and workmanship matter.

As with most things in life, quality is often commensurate with cost – but the value is just as important! Tina was quick to share why she recommends Romina and Natart to her customers. One of the main reasons is because both use only solid hardwood for superior strength and durability, as well as high resistance finishes to reduce scratchability.

Tina pointed out to us two different cribs on her showroom floor. One was from Natart, and the other was a lovely but less expensive crib. She explained that both had been on the floor for the same length of time, and both had had customers leaning over or against them to get a better look. However, the Natart crib looked brand new and had no scratches. The other crib showed some scratching.

Tina explained the reason for that. “When people lean over the cribs, of course their belt buckles and metal pieces on purses come into contact with the finishes. Both Romina and Natart have high resistance finishes on their furniture, so they keep that new look for much, much longer. The durability of this baby furniture makes it the best value.”

Tina cares very much for her customers and wants them to get the crib they want. “I don’t care if they choose a less expensive crib or the most expensive crib. I only want them to choose a crib they love. All of our cribs are of fine quality, and any one they choose will be safe, durable and will last. Scratches can be buffed out. If they love that crib, then that’s the one they should get.”

Tina added this regarding convertible cribs, “Many of my customers love the convertible cribs because that means they won’t have to purchase new furniture once the baby outgrows the crib! They can just convert the crib to a toddler bed, and then to a full size or daybed once the child is older. Romina and Natart also have additional furniture to match, such as dressers, side tables and bookcases for some of their collections. Because the pieces are so durable, they will last through the different ages and stages as the child grows.”

So yes, Romina and Natart cribs are more expensive as far as upfront cost. Because they are high quality, more durable and are convertible for lifetime use, the value for money is more than worth the initial higher cost.

Our newborn clients often choose to hang beautiful portraits of their new baby in the nursery, many times over the crib itself. Your baby will never be this small again! Those newborn portraits stay with and follow the family as it grows and changes through the years. Much the same as with high quality nursery furniture, newborn and family wall portraits are an investment upfront; however, the durability and the museum quality of our portrait finishes, rated to last 150 years, makes them an excellent value for money.

Great Beginnings offers a wonderful variety of baby furniture in a wide variety of prices. Great Beginnings is also the exclusive seller of baby furniture by Romina and Natart in the D.C. Metropolitan area.

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