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Some of the best and most poignant wall collections of portraits we have seen can be called Life Galleries. These are professional portraits taken throughout a child’s life as a timeline of their growth and life. You can see how the baby photography “grows” into middle school years and ultimately high school senior year portraits and sometimes college graduation or even a wedding portrait. As Sterling, VA area photographers, it’s not unusual for us to help a family create their child’s Life Gallery even if they’re not aware that’s what they’re doing!

The resulting effect of a Life Gallery is very poignant as it documents a life right before your eyes with portraits which are usually displayed proudly in a family room, stairwell, or hallway. It’s always fun for us to see a child’s growth from their last session with us!

Occasionally, we are asked by a new parent how often they should do professional photography of their children. There are several options to consider:
• You should consider your budget. We realize that true fine art photography isn’t inexpensive, but it’s certainly worth it! We offer new parents a first-year baby plan, our Bebe Coterie Baby Plan. We realize that many new parents want to invest in their family memories to be enjoyed for generations to come, and our Bebe Coterie plan allows them the opportunity to do that.
• We believe you should start with newborn photography no matter what your budget.

Tre’s parents joined our Bebe Coterie plan, and he was such a handsome little man in his Newborn Portrait Session!

• If you are an adoptive parent, then start with the first day or week you welcome your child!
• Babies change tremendously in those early weeks and months, so more than one professional portrait during their first year of life is recommended.
• If you’re on a stricter budget, you can spread out your portraits a bit especially as your child ages and doesn’t change as quickly.
• If you’re desirous of creating a Life Gallery, we usually recommend annual portraits after the first year of life to better reflect your child’s growth.

Here are couple of images from Tre’s 8-month and 1-year portrait sessions, followed by a Wall Collection of images from throughout his first year.

If you live anywhere in the Sterling, VA or Northern VA area and are interested in documenting your baby’s life through your own collection of portraits, call us. We’d love to talk about a vision for your child’s Life Gallery! We can begin with newborn photography, baby photography, or even child photography. The idea is to simply get started!


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Ever After Baby Portraits is comprised of Mindy Belcher and Joriana Belcher Anderson, a mother-daughter baby photography team located in Sterling, VA in Northern Virginia. We specialize in timeless and emotive fine art family portraits, including newborn and baby portraits. Family means everything and capturing those precious moments to preserve forever will mean family heirlooms for you to share for years to come.

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