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7 Fears Expectant Fathers Face

Many fathers-to-be are hesitant to share their fears and insecurities regarding being a new father. After all, you’re going to be parents; you’re supposed to just know all of this, right?!

This wonderful article, “7 Fears Expectant Fathers Face,” from BabyCenter.com will help you to gain some insight into the fears that the father-to-be may have, insecurities that he may not even know how to discuss or bring up.

The article discusses these 7 topics:
1. Security fears: Will I be able to protect and provide for my family?
2. Performance fears: Will I be able to handle it when she’s in labor?
3. Paternity fears: This is too good to happen to me!
4. Mortality fears: The beginning of life makes one think about the end of life
5. Fear for your partner’s or child’s health: Childbirth is scary! What if something goes wrong?
6. Relationship fears: Will she love the baby more than she loves me?
7. Fears of “women’s medicine”: What’s with those stirrups?!

Hopefully a review of this article will assist you in understanding his fears and maybe even alleviating some of them.

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